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Humane Society of Lincoln County, Lincolnton,NC - Low Cost Spay & Neuter

Humane Society of Lincoln County, NC

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Help us to continue to help others.

Contact : Avie Parker, Rescue Coordinator

650 John Howell Memorial Dr.
Lincolnton, NC  28092

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There are literally thousands of kittens every year that are born to unaltered females and have little to no chance to survive their first six months of life.  There are many reasons and excuses given for allowing unwanted and unneeded litters to be born.  The Humane Society of Lincoln County has worked tirelessly to bring a balance to the scales of injustice done to these animals.  We, however, cannot seem to make progress.  For every kitten or cat being adopted, there are six more hitting the ground and looking for a home, food or medical care.  

What can you do:

1.  Spay/Neuter your pets. ( if you feed them, they are yours.) 

2.  Report abuse to LCAS.  ( see info below)Animals left abandoned, starving, sick allowed to have litter after litter with no end in sight need to be helped.

3.  Volunteer your time, talent and resources to help end this deadly cycle.

4.  Donate.  We need your financial support to continue our work and helping the animals of Lincoln County.

Please donate today, they need your support.

Be sure to also check out LCAS (Lincoln County Animal Services) located at 650 John Howell Memorial Drive in Lincolnton.  They always have a large selection of dogs and cats ready for their "Second Chance!" 

​Come in and meet all the curious kitties and clever canines they have to offer. Call 704-736-4125 for directions to the facility. Click the link below for further details.

The Humane Society of Lincoln County is not affiliated with  Be sure to contact the group listed on the site for the animal you are looking to adopt.  Please do not contact HSLC for animals listed on we are unable to help you.

The animals currently ready for adoption through LCAS are available for viewing at the Northlake PetSmart.  ​Cats are present at the facility 24/7, we do change them out every two weeks.


Animals are available at the shelter  also  

Office Hours                                                                
Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)                             
Shelter Adoption Hours
Monday – Saturday (11:00 am – 4:30 pm
Owner Surrender Hours
Monday-Saturday (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

Won't you please give a second chance and adopt today!

"Looking for a new best friend"  Check out the links below.

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Choose to make a Difference    Spay/Neuter/Adopt/ Rescue!