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Humane Society of Lincoln County, Lincolnton,NC - Low Cost Spay & Neuter

Humane Society of Lincoln County, NC

Serving Lincoln County since 1989


Who We Are... What We Have to Offer !

Are you atleast 18 yrs. of age and want to volunteer?  It is easy to do!  Simply decide which program we have that best suits your interests.  Contact the e mail or phone number listed and provide your name, phone number and which program you are interested in, someone will get back to you.  That's all it takes.  Hope to see you soon.   

How about being our voice in Public Education.  If this strikes your fancy, contact us at hslcspay/

Our Low Cost Spay/Neuter clinic is right in Lincolnton.  It's hard work and we are rewarded with lots of happily wagging tails and kitty cats looking for a hand to pet them. Ruffs and meows echo throughout the building on clinic days.  If this is for you, contact Diane at 704-732-9022 mailbox #1 or email at hslcspay/

Make a Difference ...  Volunteer!

Looking For A Community ProjectTo Get Behind?

Looking for a project for your Youth Group, Girl or Boy Scout Troop even a worthwhile class project.  Why not have a food drive for our furry friends. Any and all food collected will go to help feed animals here in Lincoln County. Make it a competition between classrooms or even schools.  Please contact us at hslcspay/ for further details.  Leading a project to collect food for this program can also earn educational and merit credits for school and community service and is a great project for junior volunteers to lead.

Below is a list of other items which we can use throughout the year.  Any and all items are appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your kindness.

Pet carriers, humane cat traps, postage stamps, 13 gallon trash bags, 39 gallon trash bags, paper towels, bleach, Dawn dishwashing liquid, gift cards for office supplies.  

How about saving and donating your empty ink cartridges from your printers or copy machines.  We can trade them for much needed supplies.  Make it an office project!

The Humane Society of Charlotte also offers a wide range of programs including low cost rabies vaccines, spay/neuter clinics and pet adoptions. Check out "Wellness Wednesdays!"  Contact them at 704-333-4130 or click the link below.

If you are a resident from Mecklenberg County, you will find a free rabies clinic offered to (Residents Only) the second Saturday of each month.  Mecklenberg County also offers spay/neuter services for their residents.  Please call them at  704-336-7600 or click the link below.

Animal Services in Lincoln County offers low cost rabies shots everyday at their facility located 650 John Howell Memorial Drive, Lincolnton, NC.  Please call ahead to be sure a certified employee will be there to administer the shot.  The cost is $7.00.  Please call 704-736-4125 for more information or simply click the link below.

Low-Cost Rabies "Anytime"


Dolores Stroupe Public Assistance Program --- We have three volunteers who return calls and try to help people with supplies, food and at times medical aid.  Many animals are saved by this program which helps pets and their owners through financial hardships when possible.  This year 45 households were helped by the DSPA.

Shelter Alliance Program  --- HSLC works with other groups and rescues as well a Animal Services in order to assure that all our efforts are directed to the care and placement of animals within our area.  We also help with food and supplies when possible.

Public Education Program  --- Strives to educate pet owners on proper care of their animals concerning food and adequate shelter, vaccines, parasites, rabies and other life threatening virus.

Spay/Neuter Program  --- Although our program is basically funded by the participants, we do also try to offer aid and help those in need.  We offer a certificate program thru Animal Services of Lincoln County to spay all female dogs and cats whose litters have been surrendered.  


The Humane Society of Lincoln County is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization manned only by volunteers.  HSLC has NO PAID people working within our organization. 100% of all donations are used to help animals.  We volunteer as much time, talent and love as we have to offer.  To some of us it is part time, however for others it is full time. Our volunteers are  rewarded with appreciation from an animal placed into a loving home, in satisfaction knowing that you were part of a rescue effort which could have saved one or many from certain death, in smiles from a persons whose burden was made lighter by your time and the generosity of many.   The service that HSLC provides to Lincoln County is measured in the programs which we offer.  We currently offer the following: